Only academics can’t lead children to successful career & living skills today. Youth leadership program conducted by us enable them to sharpen their skills. Youth leadership camps are organized mostly in international locations like we have organized previously in DUBAI & NEPAL (POKHARA). This year we are planning to organize YLP in COLOMBO, SRI LANKA. This is a cumulative rejuvenation cum learning cum informative program organized beyond the school/ college boundaries, which involves 01, 02, 04 or many school students participating together. The various activities involved in YOUTH LEADERSHIP PROGRAM (YLP) are as follows:


    Motivation classes taken by Resource persons of National / International acclaim/ Sports personality/ Army high ranked professionals/ Corporate trainers/ Embassy official etc. These high profile speakers not only give students insight of outside competitive world scenario but also train them with the techniques to battle with them successfully. In our last session students confronted mind opening session on CRYPT O -CURRENCY & BLOCK CHAIN MECHANISM. This session helps students to build a proactive temperament with more confidence, acquiring knowledge and skills.


    Inter-school sports events are organized between different participating school teams along with host area’s team. This friendly match not only enables students to test their physical endurance but also make them aware about health issues which need to be taken care of to combat with professional world. Moreover teachers also enjoy playing friendly matches with their peers of other participating schools.


    The students are then taken to one of the standard production Factory/ Warehouse/ Production unit/ Govt. Plant to give the group global economic exposure of the future world. This exercise enables students to imbibe a lot of practical knowledge and innovation about entrepreneurship which is essential for their future.


    Art and culture plays an important role in the youth’s growing phase of life. They imitate the leading actors, stars, personalities along with their own mix of talent, exhibit their own singing/ dancing/ other talents which broadens their thinking horizon boosting their confidence in life. Marks are given by the judges panel based on their observations which are disclosed at the end of the YLP in a award ceremony.


    Whole YLP group is divided in multiple sub groups so as to complete a assigned task which help students to develop a feeling of team building, caring, sharing & working for a common goal.


    Achievers and runner ups are awarded prizes along with participation certificates to all members through a dignity of that country, which becomes a memorable events for the participants whose memory they cherish for their lifetime.

Shri shakti travels organizes YOUTH LEADERSHIP PROGRAM multiple times in a year. These are usually in the months of January, April, July, August, November & December ensuring that the their academic loss is negligible during these months. Every year they are organized in different countries in participation with State Tourism Body of participating body. Schools can prepare their students well in advance so that the logistic arrangements can be done in time with minimal expenses, as the airfare are low on prior booking. Our total group number remains confined to around 250 so as to ensure proper care of each and every participant.

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