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You can study as many books as you want about a subject but to truly learn anything about the subject one needs to see the real life application of the concepts which they have learnt within the four walls of the classroom. People have a notion that whenever we talk about real life application or practical implementation it indicates a subject of science. But to be honest if you are reading a period of history and happen to visit any of the historic sites related to that period parallely it leads to better understanding and pupils can remember the topics without having to actually mug up. This way better students are produced who knowing how the origin of different concepts have taken place will be able to compete in real world without hesitating to remember definitions.

Today, the education system is bringing forth a lot of changes and more and more educational institutions are introducing educational tours in the program of learning to make sure their students get an overall understanding of whatever subject they are studying in the books. In this noble initiative we the team of SHRI SHAKTI TRAVELS feel fortunate to be a part of it. Educational tours are now a global trend and have been found to uplift the quality of learning to a new level. As a result SHRI SHAKTI TRAVELS is the favorite educational tour operator in India. We have worked with over 450+ top CBSE and ICSE schools and have over 18 years of experience where we have arranged for youth leadership program and educational tours (both domestic and international). We have also arranged for resources using which students get admission abroad in different universities.

SHRI SHAKTI TRAVELS believes in working systematically. Therefore, whenever we are planning any educational tour it happens in three phases:-

Pre-trip – We collect all forms of information from the educational institution for which we are going to provide service about the type of trip they are planning and the subject being studied by the group of students for whom we are planning the trip. Accordingly, we choose location/site.

On trip – During the trip we make sure every student and accompanying crew member gets every form of facility that they need. Such locations are chosen to be visited which are safe and will be enriching for the students.

Post trip – We at SHRI SHAKTI TRAVELS believe in improving our service with time. Therefore, post every trip we collect feedback from our customers about the trip organized, what they liked and what they felt should improve.

We are the most reputed educational tour operator in India and aim to live up to the expectations of parents, students and teachers in future through our services. If you are planning for any youth leadership program or is in search of right guidance for your yard to get admission abroad feel free to contact us at Educational Yatra. Assured quality service will be provided.

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11 Nov 2013 - 22 Nov 2013
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08 Aug 2013 - 16 Aug 2013
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